As a lifelong resident of Metro Detroit, many of the signs I shoot remind me of the Detroit I knew when I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. But more than that, they are part of Detroit's history and are too often destroyed without regard to their significance. So, besides providing a nostalgic glow for myself, these photos may be some of the only records of their existence.

Vintage Signs Gallery 
Painted, externally illuminated advertising signs. Some of these have been newly revealed by demolition of adjoining buildings.

Neon Gallery
Self-illuminated, i.e., external lamps, back-lit, neon, or a combination. Most are vintage and, as is to be expected, many have been long dark. Others are more contemporary, even brand new, partially or fully functioning installations.

Several of both types have since been lost forever due to vandalism, demolition, or painted over in misguided attempts at "modernization."

Vintage, restorations, and replica theatre signs and marquees.

Vintage painted 2-D and 3-D signs.

Nifty neon, new and old, (and other self-illuminated signs) wherever they can be found.

Vintage theatre marquees and related theatre signage.